At WHY we support people of all ages impacted by cancer. Many of those who access our services have compromised immune systems or are supporting those who do. We have been monitoring the coronavirus situation carefully over the last couple of months as vaccination roll out increases and infection rates decrease and whilst we continue to work from home as a team and deliver almost all our services online, we are now taking some initial steps towards returning to face to face counselling work.

We are currently supporting some of our younger clients in person in the and in schools with Covid safety measures in place. We will be offering counselling to adults who are unable to have counselling online or via the phone over the coming weeks and as long as government guidance remains unchanged we are planning to return to more face to face at the end of June as well as returning staff to our offices.

WHY's main office phone will continue to be diverted during office hours, so that one of our team will be able to help. We will continue to take referrals for our service and continue to support people through these extremely challenging times.

If you'd like to refer yourself for our free professional counselling service, please call 01373 455255 or email

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