Please note that we are not taking new referrals for our 1-1 service at the moment but our phone lines are open. Please call to discuss other options for support.
Please note that we are not taking new referrals for our 1-1 service at the moment but our phone lines are open. Please call to discuss other options for support.

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We're always honoured to be chosen to benefit from in-memory donations. Acts of generosity and kindness like these don't just raise vital funds; they're an endorsement of the important work we do and a true embodiment of 'paying it forward', helping us keep helping others.

If you're organising the funeral of a loved one, your funeral director will usually be able to help you set up a page to collect online donations. Alternatively, we can create an in-memory fundraising page for you at WHY.

We can provide leaflets, collection buckets and Gift Aid envelopes for the ceremony and thank everyone who donates and provides their details.

Contact us to talk about in-memory donations

WHY Cancer Charity

Making your Will

After you’ve looked after your loved ones, please consider leaving a gift to We Hear You (WHY) in your will.

You can write your will yourself. Forms are available from post offices and newsagents, and can be found online. However, a will is an important document and a small mistake can invalidate it, so we would generally recommend that you use a professional service. 

Goodwills Local

WHY has an ongoing arrangement with a specialist service called Goodwills Local that offers a helpful and professional home visit service. It is a well established, regulated law firm. Their local representative Michael Rhodes makes a donation to WHY for each person who uses Goodwills to write or update their will, set up a Lasting Power of Attorney or arrange a funeral plan. A single Will costs £98 and a couples' Will costs £88 per person.

Call 01373 593193, 01225 683062 or email to find out more.

Whether you use a specialist service such as Goodwills or a solicitor, you can expect to pay around £100-150 for a straightforward will. Before you meet with an expert, make a list of everything that you own – your ‘estate’. This should include property, savings and shares and should take into account any amounts owing on mortgages or loans.

Also make a list of any specific bequests or gifts you would like to make to family, friends or to specific charities. In each case it is wise to include full names and addresses – and in the case of a charity, their Charity Commission number. We Hear You's charity number is 1156001.

Think too about any particular wishes you may have concerning your funeral arrangements. Some people pay for their funeral arrangements during their lifetime and this can save both money and anxiety for your loved ones when the time comes. You may want to choose certain members of your family to act as executors (often two are chosen) or you can ask your solicitor to act in this way.

If you use a professional to draft your will, they will normally keep an original copy safe but it is a good idea to keep a copy for yourself too and to ensure that your executors know where to find it.

Remember to keep your will up to date especially when, for instance, you move house, or new family members are born. A will can be relatively easily update using a codicil (the legal term for additional information).

WHY Cancer Charity

Tax advantages of leaving a gift to charity

Leaving a legacy is just another way of supporting a charity that you have supported during your lifetime. But do consider that there may be a tax advantage to your family too. In 2020/21, the Inheritance Tax threshold is £325,000 which means that amounts beyond this figure will incur tax at 40%. But gifts to charity are taken off the total estate before this figure is calculated.


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