Each year we publish a detailed annual report, containing our financial records and a review of our activities during the financial year. We've also worked with the University of Bath, University of Exeter and King's College London to conduct research projects investigating the impact of our services and identifying gaps and barriers to access.

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WHY Cancer Charity

Annual Reports

Our annual reports bring together all the strands of our activity, including our fundraising activities, clinical developments and the governance and financial records overseen by our Board of Trustees. They're published in the autumn each year following the end of our financial year in April. Please contact us if you'd like to receive a paper copy of our annual report.

2020/2021 annual report

2019/20 annual report

2018/19 annual report

2017/18 annual report

2016/17 annual report

WHY Cancer Charity

2021 - WHYoutdoors evaluation

Moa Sundström of King's College London undertook a detailed evaluation of WHYoutdoors, our popular nature-based therapy courses, during 2021, including an exploration of the use of Zoom during the pandemic.

Download the WHYoutdoors report

WHY Cancer Charity

2020 - Cancer and Relationships report

In 2020, we conducted research into the impact of cancer on relationships, and how counselling services like ours can help, in partnership with Dr Olly Clabburn of the Wellcome Centre for Cultures and Environments of Health. Many thanks to Isobel Refoy from the University of Exeter for putting together this short animated film of the report's findings.

Download the full Cancer and Relationships report

Watch the launch event on YouTube

Watch the animation

WHY Cancer Charity

2019 - Living beyond cancer: using patient experience to shape counselling services

Published May 2019, our report investigates the impact of counselling for people living with and beyond cancer. Thanks to our 2018 MSc Health Psychology student Heather Still of the University of Bath for undertaking this research with such compassion and diligence.

Read the 2019 evaluation report

WHY Cancer Charity

2018 - Access and use of cancer counselling services amongst low-income patients

In 2018 we worked with Dr Felicity Thomas and Lorraine Hansford of the University of Exeter, investigating possible barriers to accessing counselling among lower income groups and the financial impact of a life threatening diagnosis. We collaborated with The Harbour and the Wessex Cancer Trust to provide data for this work.

Read the access and use of cancer services report

WHY Cancer Charity

2017 - Delivering an adult cancer counselling service - an evaluation report

In 2016 we established a partnership with the University of Bath and provide a placement each year for a student on the MSc Health Psychology course. In the first year of the project, Shannon Cuthbertson undertook an evaluation of WHY's existing service for adults and worked with our director Melissa Hillier on recommendations for our future activity.

Read the 2017 evaluation

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