It's estimated that one in three people currently living with cancer is of working age. For many people, work doesn't just provide a necessary income; it's also part of their identity and an important aspect of 'normal' life. And as an employer, your legal responsibilities go hand in hand with retention of talent and experience. 

Our new WHYinwork package can help you to support staff affected by cancer and life threatening conditions with expert advice, training and services. There is a charge for WHYinwork services, which goes towards our core activity, free professional counselling for children and adults affected by cancer or a life threatening condition. Costs are flexible depending on the size of business and which services you wish to use. Please contact us for a quote.

Our team offer bespoke or off-the-shelf training for employers supporting staff affected by a life threatening diagnosis, whether directly or indirectly. The training covers:

  • Your legal responsibilities
  • Best practice - how you can help
  • Real-life testimonies
  • Supporting the wider team
  • The practical and emotional impact of cancer

EAP service
​WHY can provide in-house counselling within your workplace to your employees, to help them cope with the impact of cancer or a life threatening condition. Timely, specialist support from our counsellors will help your staff to cope individually and as a team to help maintain a positive working environment for all concerned.

Wellbeing days for teams
Our WHY at Work Team Wellbeing day is designed as an opportunity for you and your team to come together in beautiful natural surroundings and experience new ways to connect with nature. You will take away some helpful tools to improve individual and team wellbeing while also having fun, trying new things and learning more about yourself and your colleagues. Nature can provide us with much needed relaxation and TLC and we hope you come away from your day outdoors feeling nourished and inspired to keep connecting with nature.

​Our specialist clinical team can provide expert guidance for employers and HR departments. We can work with you on an ad hoc or ongoing basis to help you maintain a positive and resilient workplace or to advise the best way forward in a specific situation.

Facts and figures*

  • In 2015, there were an estimated 890,000 people of working age living with cancer in the UK. This is set to increase to more than 1.1 million by 2030.
  • 85% of people with cancer who were employed when diagnosed say it was important for them to continue work after diagnosis. #Cancer survivors (who were in work at the point of their cancer diagnosis) are twice as likely to be unemployed than the general population.
  • An estimated one in three people living with cancer are of working age. (Age16-65)

Our WHYinwork services have been created in response to feedback from the people we support, who all too often have experienced work-related disadvantage and additional stress as a result of having cancer, or caring for a loved one. This is despite robust, permanent protection from discrimination via the Equality Act 2010. We know that the vast majority of employers do their best to support staff and show compassion and flexibility. This isn't just 'the right thing to do' - it ensures people's talent and experience is retained and is a vital ingredient for a positive, high-functioning workplace. WHYinwork will help you to meet your obligations and support your staff.

*Macmillan 2017

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*Macmillan 2017

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