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We can only make a difference to people like these because of you. It costs more than £6,000 every week to provide support to 115 children and adults affected or bereaved by a life-threatening diagnosis. Please make a donation to help us do it if you can.

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  • Corinne's story

    I was just amazed by what it gave me. I just want to say a big thank you. I’m ever so grateful and I always will be, it’s given me tools not just for after treatment, it’s given me tools for life.


  • Michelle's story

    'If someone hadn’t had the foresight to tell me that WHY existed I really think I would have been really ill and I just don’t think I would have come out the other side of it. Whereas I know I will come out the other side of this, as me, rather than a lesser version of me. It was such a valuable process; it was so human and gentle but pushed me when needed.'


  • Gareth's story

    'It's great to have something in your town, a resource like this. For me personally, for my family, it’s been an excellent support for us. It’s helped Finlay moving forward, processing and dealing with losing his mum.'


  • Pearl's story

    I felt the counselling helped me a lot. It felt good to do it. I stopped for a little bit as I felt better, but after my Grandpa died I came back for more sessions with Ruth. I kind of feel like a new person. I used to get quite stressed out and worry a lot, I now find it a lot easier to deal with difficult situations.


  • Claire's story

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2018. Previously to that my dad was diagnosed with bowel cancer when I was 20, and heartbreakingly passed away a year later. Over the following years my aunt and cousin also both had breast cancer, so unfortunately the disease has been part of our lives for a long time. However, getting your own diagnosis hits you differently.


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