Counselling charity We Hear You are teaming up with The Natural Self to offer an outdoor therapy course for people living with and beyond cancer. The course starts on Wednesday 26th June and runs for six weeks.

The project will be led by Rhonda Brandrick and Michéal Connors, experienced practitioners of a therapeutic approach known as ecotherapy. The approach uses outdoor activities in a natural setting to reduce stress and promote emotional and physical wellbeing. Clinical Manager at We Hear You, Cath Wilkins, says:

“At We Hear You we’ve been aware for some time that the traditional counselling model doesn’t suit everyone. WHYoutdoors forms part of a wider project to develop services to meet the need of the diverse range of people who approach us for support during their experience of cancer or a life threatening condition. We’re delighted to be working with Michéal and Rhonda as they combine expertise in the field of ecotherapy with extensive experience working with people affected by cancer.”

Rhonda and Michéal describe the course as “A balanced programme that will support your health and recovery, as well as helping you access your body’s innate wisdom and intelligence. You will learn skills, knowledge and have experiences that can transform challenging emotions and negative thinking and strengthen your resilience and coping skills. You will learn how to support yourself through simple but effective steps that support you in living your life more fully.”

The six-week course will bring a group of participants together, all of whom have cancer or are in remission, in a natural setting in Tickenham, North Somerset, where they will relax, reflect and take part in activities aimed at restoring their sense of self and emotional wellbeing. The first two sessions will focus on grounding and wellbeing, followed by two sessions promoting emotional healing and growth. The final two sessions have a theme of purpose and meaning.

The first WHYoutdoors course starts on 26th June 2019 and runs for six weeks from 10am to 3pm. To find out more and refer yourself for WHYoutdoors or for WHY’s other counselling services, please email or call 01373 455255.

More information about The Natural Self can be found at

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