What can Whybemindful do for you?

WHYbemindful is a course designed to support people who have, or have had, cancer and their carers. It offers the potential to learn a life enhancing toolbox of practices and a way of being with yourself as you go through this very difficult journey. It offers a safe space, for people, in similar circumstances, to share their own experiences of the mindfulness practices with the companionship of other likeminded people.

Perhaps you feel disconnected from your body, a sense that it has let you down in some way. Maybe you have lost trust in judging new physical sensations, finding that your mind is pulled into an anxious cycle of rumination, worrying about things, like, is this a recurrence?  Being part of a group, where we hear others’ voices echoing similar thoughts, we realise that we are not alone, and we can see our thoughts are not facts.

It is very natural and normal to be drawn into anxious cycles of thoughts, especially around appointments, scans, and results. Mindfulness provides some practical tools to help you stay grounded; to be present with the difficult. There are aspects in life we cannot change, but we do have choice about how we respond. Do you habitually react to your thoughts and feelings, or can you learn to bring a skilful response?

We explore what energises and lifts us in our daily life and what drains and depletes us. We can make simple choices that promote our wellbeing and see the positive ripple effect this has on all of those around us. Mindfulness can be empowering and transformative. It offers the possibility for you to find ways to live your own life, feeling you are in charge, to regain of a sense of having some control of how you live through whatever comes your way.

To find out more about our eight-week  WHYbemindful courses, running via Zoom, please call 01373 455255 or email

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