We Hear You becomes a living wage employer

We Hear You (formerly known as Positive Action on Cancer) is delighted that its Board of Trustees has agreed it should become a “living wage” employer.

Melissa Hillier, Director commented, “Providing a living wage is very important to us and we feel it shows clearly our commitment and responsibility in looking after all those that work for us, including employed as well as contracted staff.   When the issue of being a “living wage” employer was raised by one of our team it was a very easy decision to make and I am delighted that our Board agreed”.

Frome Town Council and Fair Frome have been promoting the scheme run by The Living Wage Foundation and are encouraging local employers to sign up to it. Whilst the mandatory national minimum wage is currently £7.20 per hour, this has fallen below the basic living costs required as calculated annually by the Centre for Social Research at Loughborough University. The current rate for the living wage outside London is £8.25 per hour.

Board Chair, Anne Montague added “We Hear You recognises how very lucky it is in having a loyal team of regular volunteers who are willing to offer their time for no pay at all and our small staff team are also often found volunteering extra hours at fundraising events. But is it is important that when we employ people to enable the vital work of providing a lifeline to people whose lives are in turmoil, that we pay a fair living wage for that.” 

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