Frome-based counselling charity We Hear You (WHY) is seeking new recruits for its volunteer team. Volunteers are needed to cover a variety of tasks, from serving tea and cake or representing the charity at public events to helping with administration and communications. Fundraising Officer Helen White says:

‘Our work is so varied at WHY so we have something to suit everyone. We’re blessed to have a brilliant core team of volunteers without whom we couldn’t function. They bake cakes, help to staff our events, spread the word about our service and liaise with the many local businesses who host a collection tin for us, to name just a few vital activities. However, we find ourselves busier and busier every year, so we need to increase our pool of volunteers to make sure we can cover all our activities and keep everyone busy, but not TOO busy! We’re more than happy to work with people who want to improve particular skills for their CV as well as people who want to take on general tasks and you can give as much or as little time as you have to spare. Recently we had Gayle in the office with us for three months when she decided to change career. It was a huge help to us, especially as she was also so willing to muck in with any part of our work. Gayle has now started a new role in marketing in Bristol, and we hope working with us played a part in her finding a new job so quickly. However much time you have and whatever you’d like to do, give us a call’

Gayle says:

‘Volunteering at WHY gave me the opportunity to gain experience in all areas of marketing and communications, while supporting an amazing and very important local charity. The staff all made me feel welcome and within no time, I felt like part of the team. The WHY team gave me the opportunity to work with them developing my existing skills and helped me to learn new skills in this area. The experience at WHY allowed me to successfully transition into a new career and secure employment within marketing. I would strongly recommend volunteering with WHY and will always be grateful for the opportunity they gave me.

To find out more about volunteering for We Hear You, call 01373488577 or email


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