Frome-based cancer counselling charity We Hear You (WHY) is undertaking a new piece of research in partnership with the University of Bath into male mental health and the possible reasons for lower uptake of counselling services among males. The charity is looking for as many men as possible to take part through an online survey and/or a face-to-face interview with the researcher, MSc Health Psychology student Anna Massie. The only criteria for men taking part are that they must have been affected by cancer either directly as a patient, or through a connection to someone who has or has had cancer.

Anna says: "The aim of this research is to help WHY gain insight into why men are or are not using their counselling services, what works for men, gain a male opinion of one-to-one counselling and other forms of counselling you may not already be aware of, and to see if you have any suggestions of your own regarding alternative methods of emotional support for men."

"The research will involve conducting interviews whereby the researcher will be asking open-ended questions based-upon the topics given above. Alternatively, participants could take part in an online questionnaire instead, or both!"

For more information or to express an interest in taking part in the research, please email The online survey for the study can be found at

Ethics for this research has been approved by the ethics committee at the University of Bath, ethics code: 19-181.

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