THE final total is in for Frome fundraiser, Rachel Clark, who ends her 365 miles for WHY challenge raising £20,000 for the charity. 

Rachel presented the cheque for £20,000 to staff at We Hear You and Kym Whisstock, the daughter of the founder of We Hear You, the late Jill Miller, on Tuesday 14th January,  

In 2019, Rachel ran a mile-a-day for 365 days to raise money for cancer support charity, We Hear You. 

On her final run on New Year’s Eve at Frome Rugby Club, it was announced that her final total was £18,160, however, a sprint finish of donations led her final donation to £20,000. 

Rachel said, “The cheque presentation was absolutely incredible. Ending this phenomenal challenge on an absolute high, what an honour to present the huge cheque to the WHY team in the company of Kym Whisstock, Jill Miller’s daughter. 

“As the Frome Times rightly said I am truly overwhelmed and humbled by your continued support, your continued generosity and your continued belief in what I do and what I ask others to do.

“Work hard, be kind and amazing things will happen. 

“For Kym’s mum and my mum, in their memory forever.”

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