Local Police Sergeant, Rachel Clark and her brothers Matthew and Daniel are back again this year with a new record-breaking challenge to raise money for Frome-based charity, We Hear You (WHY).

Since the death of their mother, Shirley Wiggins in 2011 from leukaemia, Rachel and her brothers have raised over £19,000 for local causes by undertaking a series of gruelling physical challenges, including climbing a 30ft fire ladder for 8 hours in the searing heat last July, and dragging a 10-tonne fire engine around Frome the year before.

This year’s challenge has a new twist. They need you! The team are asking the community to join them as they attempt to smash a Guinness World record…on a rowing machine.

On Saturday 2nd June in the centre of Frome they will be attempting to break the existing world record for the most amount of people to row 500m each, in a 24-hour relay on one indoor rowing machine. The current record, held in America, stands at 600 people.

Rachel and her brothers are therefore calling on the community to get involved and take up the challenge to bring the record to Frome!

The hunt is on for anyone that can row 500m in 2m10 or less. If you’re not quite at this pace, this is a great opportunity to train over the next few months and get involved. Frome Leisure Centre is fully supporting the event and is kindly allowing non-members who’ve signed up to the challenge to practice on their rowers for the next two months in the lead up to the event. The event is open to anyone over the age of 16.

Anyone interested in being part of this world record attempt is urged to contact the team at


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