Cancer has a life changing impact on all those affected, says new report from We Hear You

We Hear You today launches a new report which throws light onto the psychological impact of cancer.  1 in 2 people in the UK will get cancer at some point during their lives and this report demonstrates the need for the provision of counselling to help patients and families at any point to come to terms with the “life changing” effects of cancer.

Melissa Hillier, Director said, “This study explored the experiences of some of those that have used our service, we were interested in understanding more about those we support to enable us to improve and develop our free professional counselling service to best meet the needs of our community.   The report shows that cancer is a life changing experience, no matter if you are a patient or carer, and that living with uncertainty can be extremely distressing, leading to high levels of depression in those we spoke to.  The work also shows that the WHY counselling service helped participants in developing positive coping strategies, for example around fatigue and the regulation of emotions. Counselling also helped clients to move forward from their cancer experience, people felt more able to manage their emotions and to support themselves and those around them." 

In order to carry out this study, WHY brought together an Advisory Group of individuals who had been affected by cancer and, working with those that were accessing the service in Summer 2016, we carried out detailed interviews and analysis of the impact cancer and the counselling service we provide has on people. 

The report highlights commonalities amongst patients and carers in a number of key areas including impact on family life, use of healthcare services and of how cancer is a life changing experience.  

The report findings are presented in three over-arching themes:

1.    Impact of Cancer
2.    Impact of counselling
3.    Best Practice and Learning 

This report is the first of its kind to be produced by We Hear You and we have made several recommendations for further study and evaluation, which we will now be seeking resources to undertake.  

You can read the full report below:

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