Charity Partnerships

WHY is enormously grateful to all our charity partners, who vary widely from national companies to small local businesses. The support that they all give us is invaluable in enabling us to continue to develop our service and deliver counselling to people when they need it, where they need it. 


There are many reasons companies choose to enter into a charity partnership with We Hear You. Leona MacDonald, Sales and Marketing Manager at Marston Foods, one of our charity partners, explains why Marston Foods chose to support WHY.

WHY Cancer Charity

 "Being based in Frome, Marston Foods has watched the great work We Hear You do for a long time and had always wanted to help. So, when in 2015 we decided we wanted to work with three chosen charities, we sat together as a management team and discussed the options. One charity that came out as a favourite loud and clear from the very beginning was WHY. The work that they have done locally, including helping members of our team through some of their own personal traumas, resonated with every single one of the management team and was voted unanimously as one of our chosen charities. 

As WHY works with people of all ages, backgrounds and denominations, and is as indiscriminate as cancer itself (or any other terminal illness for that matter), we wanted to help spread the word and support this work. No one should have to face such a time alone, but not everyone either knows, understands or can afford the help that is out there."

"Since choosing WHY as one of charities of the year, we have so far raised money and come together as a team in various ways, including by throwing ourselves out of planes, taking part in marathons, cycle rides, very long walks and assault course challenges plus WI talks, bingo nights and quiz nights. It has been great fun – really good team building for us and a great way to feel that we are giving something back. We've raised money and awareness and we very much hope to be able to continue to do this in the future. 

The team at WHY are vibrant, enthusiastic and buzzing with the energy and compassion that is required for this very emotional topic, and we have learned so much from working alongside them."

WHY Cancer Charity


If you're thinking about working alongside a charity as a charity partner then we would love to hear from you. We can talk to you about how we can work together, how the partnership can benefit both you and us and idea for things that you can do as a charity partner. Please contact us here

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