Skittles world record 2020

Location: Outside Frome Library
Date: 06/09/2020 9am to 5pm

Last year 593 skittlers took part in a world record attempt in Frome, smashing the existing record of 468. Unfortunately, a technical gremlin meant we couldn't claim the official record, so this year, spurred on the by the amazing success of the '365 for WHY' challenge, we're hoping you'll join us in breaking our own unoffical record on 6th September! The record is for the number of players, not the score, so although you need to hit at least one skittle to be counted, there's no special skill involved. Anyone aged 10 and above can join in and help claim the record.

Please register online to play skittles. If you'd like to get involved but don't want to play, we also need stewards, sticker uppers and official witnesses. If that's more your thing, please email

Like the Facebook page to keep track of info and updates from Rachel. Many thanks to time lapse film specialists Site Eye for sponsoring the event this year.

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