A new range of downloadable resources for people facing the challenges that a diagnosis of cancer can bring. 

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Cancer and Emotions

A diagnosis of cancer brings with it a whole range of emotions, including feelings of shock, fear, anxiety and sadness. Everyone will have their own way of managing their feelings. This information is about some of the feelings that you may experience and ways of coping that others have found helpful.

WHY Cancer Charity

Coping with bereavement

Being bereaved, even when the death is expected, can leave you feeling shocked, numb and overwhelmed by many arising feelings. This information is about the many different responses to bereavement and suggests some ways to approach this difficult experience.


WHY Cancer Charity

Dealing with diagnosis

Dealing with a diagnosis of cancer or another life threatening condition can feel very distressing and everyone has their own way of dealing with this difficult news. This information is about some of the emotions that you may feel and gaining the support that might help you through this difficult time. 

WHY Cancer Charity

Supporting someone with cancer

When someone you care for tells you that they have cancer you are likely to experience many different emotions. Some people can feel unsure about what to say or do to help and worry that they will get it wrong. This information suggests sensitive approaches for supporting someone with cancer as well as how to manage your own self-care when caring for someone else.

WHY Cancer Charity

Talking to children about cancer

Telling children that someone they love or know has cancer is not easy. It may be a grandparent, family friend, a loved one or a parent. It may of course be themselves. A child’s ability to understand and process this news will vary greatly depending on their age and development. This information is about different approaches to talking to children about cancer, what to expect from their responses and how to support them.

WHY Cancer Charity

Talking to children about death

When someone close dies it can feel like a child’s world has been turned upside down. Telling your child about the death of a close family member may feel like the hardest thing that you have ever had to do. This information is about the different approaches to telling children about death depending on their age and how to support children to grieve in their own way and time and learn to live with their loss.

WHY Cancer Charity

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