My journey with We Hear You started in 2019, and is one I’m not sure I could’ve ever seen coming. The counselling journey is one I’m sure most will admit tends to come from out of the blue. At first, fear filled my entire being, fear of the unknown I think. However hard along the way, together with WHY, the journey has and will be an awakening and comforting experience.

In late 2018 my mum passed away very suddenly, she had battled with lung cancer about two years prior and ironically she had not long had another clear six-monthly check up. After a week of poor health and a very rapid and sudden regression in her condition she was admitted to hospital, still none the wiser. Sadly she never returned home, and died the next morning.

The unknown became reality and I was overwhelmed with emotions. At first the pragmatic response, almost instinct kicks in, but as time passed and my energy was less needed in the duty of executor of estate, I could find way for my emotions. I have discovered so much, so much about grief, myself and counselling. I am proud that now my journey includes supporting and fundraising such an inspirational, crucial and vital charity and local asset.


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