You haven’t seen mountains until you’ve seen the Nepalese Himalayas! Eight of the world’s fourteen highest peaks are found in this region and we can assure you the memories of this charity challenge will last a lifetime.

This specially designed itinerary will maximise our chance of success and the trekking is taken at a measured pace in order for us to acclimatise sufficiently. You will experience amazing, motivational and securing support from our local guides – the  crew at Global Adventure Challenges are simply the best around, incorporating traditional Sherpas who are from the Everest region. Their generous and loving support will motivate you to push on to reach and achieve your goal.

Date: 11th - 28th March 2021

Sponsorship and Costs

£449 registartion fee & £4160 sponsorship. 

Airport tax and fuel surcharge £250

View the itinerary for more detail on the trek. 

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