Group Therapy

Our new group therapy service provides a safe, confidential space for people affected by cancer or a life threatening condition to talk through their experiences with others in a similar situation

The groups have been made possible by funding from Macmillan Cancer Support and each one has a particular focus. Groups so far have been aimed at those supporting a friend or loved one through a life threatening condition and those living with and beyond cancer and are facilitated by two professional counsellors. 

Supporting someone with cancer or a life-threatening condition can be an isolating and stressful experience and people often feel only the patients are deserving of support. However, it can be very beneficial for people to share their experiences of supporting and caring for others. Being able to express feelings in a safe and confidential environment can be a healing experience which also offers opportunities for learning and self growth. 

Many people who use our service report that they only felt ready to reflect on their experiences after some time had passed. Advances in treatment mean that people sometimes live with a life threatening condition for many years, or someone in long-term remission may find it helpful to discuss their experiences with people in a similar situation. Our groups provide a space for people to explore their feelings in a supportive group environment.

For more information, and if you would be interested in participating in one of our groups, please call  01373 455255 or email


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