25th Anniversary

Celebrating our supporters

As part of our 25th anniversary celebrations, we've asked some of our fundraisers and supporters to tell us what inspires them to donate their time and energy. We'll be posting their stories here in the coming months - many thanks to all of you for your invaluable support.


WHY Cancer Charity

Rachel Clark

Rachel Clark is one of WHY's most prolific fundraisers and is currently running a mile a day in 2019 as well as organising another world record attempt in June on a skittles she tells us a little about what motivates her.

Fundraising for WHY - how was it for you?

It was awesome! We’ve gone from individual to team to community events and now to world records! The support is always phenomenal, it keeps me going, my focus and drive isn’t just me: it comes from others too - without the support I wouldn’t be organising all that I do! It’s rewarding to not only inspire others but to support something so special and so local. As a family/team/community we have raised over 26k since Mum passed away, all in her memory.

What would you say to someone who was thinking of fundraising for We Hear You?

Get on with it! WHY offer copious amounts of support and once you get started you’ll probably never stop! (speaking from experience!) in all seriousness if you’re able to give back you should. Channel your energy and mind into something positive :).

We can't argue with that! If you'd like to get involved with fundraising for us, get in touch on 01373 488577 or email

WHY Cancer Charity

Claire Schneider

How did you hear about We Hear You and why did you decide to support us? 

I spotted a WHY stand at an event, and a Facebook posting. I looked into what WHY is and immediately decided that I wanted to be a part of a vital service to all. Through my little music group we have embraced World Book day, dressed up and all group fees went to WHY, a Teddy’s Bears Picnic and many coffee mornings.

It was easy communicating with WHY, they offered ideas and support for each event. I found using their social media links helpful to share etc. I can’t remember how much money we raised in total for all the events I’ve supported over the years, but I do recall one of our coffee mornings hitting around £90!

What would you say to someone who was thinking of fundraising for WHY?

Go ahead, have a go.. every little helps and it all makes a big difference. 

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