Wing Walking

You can finally realise your dream of becoming a wing walker while raising money for We Hear You thanks to recently approved regulations granted to Aerobatic Tactics, the only company in the UK legally approved to offer wing walking for fundraising purposes.

On the day of your wing walking experience, friends and family are welcome to come and watch you and all airfields have a viewing area and a cafeteria serving food and drink until late afternoon.You will be with the team for a maximum of 90 minutes, but you are welcome to stay at the airfield and enjoy the atmosphere for the day.

Before your flight we provide a comprehensive ground and safety briefing when you will need to sign a fitness/waiver declaration. Once strapped into the 5 point harness you will take off for a 10 minute ultimate experience that will include zooms and climbs at speeds up to 130mph and passes near to friends and family.

As an optional extra cost of £50 you can have a recording as a lasting reminder of your flight. Taken from 2 high resolution cameras fitted to the aircraft the 2 picture split screen recording includes Pilot commentary, airspeed and altitude. This is supplied on a USB memory stick and is available for you to take away. This can be paid for in advance or on the day if you wish. You will also receive a certificate confirming you have participated in a wing walk.


Location: Compton Abbas Airfield, Dorset

Date: 10th September 2017

Registration fees:


​Minimum sponsorship:



For more information and to register, pease contact us.

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