TrekFest – Brecon Beacons

Taking on Trekfest is no mean feat but with three different challenge routes to choose from it makes it one of the most inclusive challenges in the country. The challenges take place in two stunning UK locations, The Brecon Beacons and The Peak District and the challenge is simple: trek 50km or 25km.

The ​Brecon ​Beacons ​are ​the ​beautiful ​and ​stunning ​hills that ​run ​through ​the ​centre ​of ​South ​Wales ​and ​are ​the training ​ground ​of ​the ​SAS. ​As ​you ​can ​imagine, ​The ​Beacons  ​route ​will ​provide ​you ​with ​an ​extreme ​physical ​workout ​and ​ a ​psychologically ​taxing ​challenge. ​Crossing ​the ​highest ​peaks  ​in ​The ​Beacons ​and ​South ​Wales, ​we ​guarantee ​a ​spectacular ​ charity ​challenge! TrekFest ​will ​test ​you ​to ​your ​limits ​– ​ it’s ​a ​life ​changing ​experience ​that ​will ​uncover ​strengths ​ that ​you ​never ​knew ​you ​had!

For more info visit the TrekFest website.


Location: The Brecon Beacons

Date: 3rd / 4th June 2017

Registration fees:

50km trek £60 registration fee +£300 minimum sponsorship
25km trek £45 registration fee +£165 minimum sponsorship

To register:

Click here to register for the 50km Brecon Beacons Trek

Click here to register for the 25km Brecon Beacons Trek


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