September Skydive

Completing a tandem skydive at 10,000ft or 15,000ft could be one of the most memorable experiences of your life! We love our skydiving days so sign up now to join one of our teams.

For more information please visit the Go Skydive website.


Location: Salisbury

Date: 16th September 2017

Registration fees: £50 registration fee + £395 minimum sponsorship


If you’d like to take part in a Skydive on behalf of WHY find out more here.

You can book onto the Skydive here - simply enter your first name and last name, then on calendar choose 16th September 2017. You then enter your contact details, click the blue box to book the skydive and you're done! It indicates cost of dive is £225 but when you get to payment page you simply pay a £50 deposit. Please get in touch if any of this doesn't make sense. 

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