Group Therapy

Do you, or someone you know, care or support someone affected by cancer?  Could you benefit from some emotional support?  Would you like to meet others in a similar situation?  

Our new group therapy service is a 12-week therapy group for individuals who are supporting others affected by cancer or life-threatening conditions. Sessions will be held at the Cheese and Grain in Frome and will take place on a Wednesday from 10.30am - 12pm. The next group starts on Wednesday 27th September and will run for 12 weeks. People are welcome to join the group at a later date within the first few weeks of running, provided there is space.

Supporting someone with cancer or a life-threatening condition can be an isolating and stressful experience and people often feel only the patients are deserving of support. However, it can be very beneficial for people to share their experiences of supporting and caring for others. Being able to express feelings in a safe and confidential environment can be a healing experience which also offers opportunities for learning and self growth. 

For more information, and if you would be interested in participating, please call  01373 455255 or email


We Hear You will be running a variety of groups over the next three years, catering for those moving on from cancer and also providing a group specifically for men. We will update this page as soon as we have more news to share on this. 

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